Redwood City Improvement Association is a:


Non-Profit organization in contract with the City of Redwood City as of January 2015 to administer the annual revenues for the Community Benefit Improvement District that funds special benefits or services over and beyond what is currently provided by the City of Redwood City.


Entity governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors made up of Property Owners, Business Professionals & Residents from the Redwood City community.


Entity administered by the Redwood City San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce.

Redwood City as a Community

  • Through its miles of San Francisco Bay shoreline, its neighborhoods and charming downtown, its shopping areas and attractions, and its rolling hillsides, Redwood City is a community that offers great variety in housing, employment, recreation, entertainment, education, and City services.
  • Redwood City is rich in history and local lore. From its earliest inhabitation by the Ohlone people, to its tradition as a port for lumber and other goods, and to its place as the county seat, our community respects the past as it builds for the future.
  • The success and health of Redwood City is built upon our diverse communities, our civic pride, our strong neighborhoods, and each individual’s sense of responsibility for making the City a better place for everyone. We’re proud of our diversity, which brings a wide range and a great depth of skill, experience, and interest to our continual efforts to improve our community.

Board of Directors

2018-2019 Executive Officers

President – Don Gibson
Vice President – Lori Lochtefeld
Treasurer – Mark Chrzanowski
Secretary – Angela Rezab

Board of Directors

Aaron Aknin – Community Member
Gloria Artega – Property Owner
Jihan Bayyan – Community Member
Chris Beth – Property Owner
Mike Callagy – Property Owner
Mark Chrzanowski – Property Owner
Rosanne Foust – Community Member
Dani Gasparini – Property Owner
Don Gibson – Property Owner
Gary Johnson – Property Owner
Eric Lochtefeld – Property Owner
Lori Lochtefeld – Property Owner
Electra McBurnie – Property Owner
Cathy Oyster – Property Owner
Ben Paul – Property Owner
Angela Rezab – Property Owner
Lisa Soutter – Community Member
Carolina Webster – Community Member
Stacey Wagner – Property Owner

Redwood City Improvement Association Executive Director Amy Buckmaster

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