Parking is free Monday – Saturday before 10am and after 6pm. It’s free all day Sunday and Holidays! Metered parking is $1.00 per hour. There are nearly 4,000 spaces in and around the Downtown core, including on-street parking.

Broadway Parking

Broadway has a two-hour parking time limit in the downtown core. For more information, visit Redwood City’s website. Additional information on parking and Broadway’s parking time limit can also be found on Redwood City VOICE, the official City blog.

Parking Validations

Patrons of the Century 20 Downtown Redwood City movie theatre receive four hours of free parking in the Marshall Street Garage and the Jefferson Garage with a validation from Century.

Download the Parker app for Redwood City Parking

Use the “Parker” app to find information about Redwood City lots and garages. The app includes live-updated info on available spaces, too! Download it here.