California Fires Inspire Peninsula Art Installation

“Bonds Unburnt” melds the Japanese “red string of fate” and the smell of charred wood. Opening reception is Saturday.

REDWOOD CITY, CA — The revolving exhibits at Redwood City’s Downtown Art Kiosk will open with a new display this week —”Bonds Unburnt” — inspired by connections people made during the California fires of 2018 and a Japanese philosophy dubbed the “red string of fate.”

The “red string of fate” legend focuses on how people connect, “destined to meet by the attachment of an invisible red string,” according to exhibit organizers, the Redwood City Improvement Association and Fung Collaboratives.

“Symbolizing the fires, orange strings were specifically used to represent the connections of those affected,” the organizations said of the exhibit, which opens Nov. 16 and runs through Dec. 16, featuring works from artists Jose Castillo, Peter Moen and Tiffany Seav.

An opening reception for the public is set for Saturday, Nov. 16, at 4 p.m. at the kiosk, located in Courthouse Square in downtown Redwood City at 2208 Broadway.

To fully evoke the atmosphere of the fires, the smell of charred wood will linger throughout the exhibit. A 12-foot-tall, sculpture will encompass an hourglass shape, with a basket formed in the middle to include charred wood and personal items from the artists and donations from Redwood City residents.

Read more here on the exhibit.

The Art Kiosk’s aim is to provide the community with thought-provoking art through 10, month- long exhibitions. The Redwood City Improvement Association funded the initiative for 2019 through a grant program.

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By Susan C. Schena, Patch Staff – Nov 12