Redwood City Improvement Association Partners with Community High Schools to Beautify Construction Zone

Beautify Construction Zone

The Redwood City Improvement Association (RCIA), a non-profit community benefit district ran by a board of property owners, residents, community members and businesses, is leading a community art project by partnering with the Woodside and Sequoia High School Art Programs to beautify Downtown Redwood City while areas undergo construction. RCIA’s collaborative art banners will display photographs of scenic downtown locations taken by the art students and words that come to mind when you think of the Downtown Redwood City community. The banners will cover construction barriers on 815 Hamilton in downtown Redwood City.

“We are excited to have all these new developments going up in Downtown Redwood City. To keep our Downtown just as attractive during the construction, we thought that creating art to beautify the pedestrians’ walkway would add some color and character to our Downtown, while showcasing our community’s high schools students’ talent,” said Don Gibson, RICA’s board member and district identity and streetscape improvement (DISI) committee co-chair. “The RCIA is happy to collaborate with local students and supply the text that compliments the photos, which will give visitors and the community a sense of what Downtown Redwood City is all about.”

The collage photos were taken by the Woodside and Sequoia High School students to depict and highlight all the shopping, dining, entertainment and community events happening in Downtown Redwood City. Students went around downtown in search of the best locations to capture and the high school art teachers chose the best photos to be included in the community collage. The RCIA board came together and brainstormed words that best described Downtown Redwood City and those words are intertwined in the banners. The 28 (4’ by 8’) art banners are being donated by South Bay Construction as a way to beautify their construction site.

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