You are the Tree

The Redwood City Improvement Association in partnership with Fung Collaboratives, has unveiled the latest Art Kiosk Installation exhibit by artists, Kent Manske and Nanette Wylde, titled “You are the Tree.” It is a seven-foot diameter replica of an old growth, coast redwood tree stump that celebrates local labor and the history of Redwood City. The project reflects the historical facts of the 19th century cutting of old growth redwoods from the Santa Cruz Mountains and the resultant development of Redwood City. Multi-colored bark surrounds the stump alluding the beauty of human and environmental diversity with small flags representing disruptive inventive events. In the center of the stump is a living redwood tree. The installation will also feature Redwood City’s new residential high-rise buildings in each of the four corners of the glass kiosk with four words on the window “You are the Tree.” In partnership with Fung Collaboratives, the rotating Art Kiosk Installations will continue throughout 2020 with different featured artists in an effort to enhance the community’s fine art scene for residents and visitors. “You are the Tree” will be on display until March 8, 2020.